Return of the Dreads Tour

I was lucky enough to shoot the Return of the Dreads Tour last night with Korn and Rob Zombie.  Not only are they favorites of mine but they put on amazing shows. Each different but each very visual in their own way.

Pretty sore today. A huge pit gets pretty crowded when you add about 12 photographers, as many Security and the VIP fans.


Me I work out of a camera bag and do lens changes off to the side. Some photographers have multiple cameras and lenses on them which is just a different way of working. I am too short to make that work for me. 


As crowded as it was everyone worked well together. Plus since I was the shortest in the pit others kept saying they could shoot over me so I didn't need to worry about getting in their way. Being short has it's perks. All in all it was a great night and good group.


It's interesting to see how bands treat the photographers.  3 songs is standard. In This Moment is letting photographers shoot their whole set. Then you have the other spectrum where Manson only allows 1 song and an unnamed front man on the Warped Tour currently basically attacking photographers telling them we should be grateful he allows us to shoot him.


Korn is a blast to shoot and Fieldy always plays to the camera for me.


I can't wait to go through the photos of Korn and Zombie.


Quite a night!


Be Fearless!