Music is the Greatest for of Magic

Recently I was talking to a friend about music and they commented that I really know my stuff. I do but I tend to forget that sometimes.

For me music and concerts has always been about so much more. It's the feeling and the whole experience. I gravitate towards music with thought provoking lyrics. Don't get me wrong those suggary pop songs have a place. Mainly for me when I just want to drive, sing along and smile, but other than that I like songs that make you think. Some of my new favorites like Highly Suspect, Smashing Satellites do this along with my old favorites Manson, Korn and so many more.   

I don't stick to a particular genre but I do avoid country. Typically  

In this recent conversation we were talking grunge. Not everyone's thing but I did love a lot of it. We talked about why some people just can't cover thee songs. I explained that while many of them may not have been the greatest singers these songs were written from a deeply emotional place, often tortured and those frontmen, the Vedder's, Weiland's, Layne's, Cobain's etc lived that emotion. Watching them perform these songs you felt the pain and emotion behind them at times it was like watching a breakdown or therapy interchangeably. It was captivating and someone just singing that song loses the connection. It's enjoyable to hear the song but it is missing something and for me that something is very important.

One of my quotes on my page is "Music is the greatest form of magic" from Marilyn Manson. It is one of my favorites it speaks to what you really get when you get and understand the music. Sure concerts are a good time but it is so much more. 


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