Still Life or Die Trying

Today I set out to do some still life photography.  This is not an area that I normally do so it is a bit of a challenge.  Why do I do this?  One I like to keep challenging myself and two I joined a local camera group and this is a goal through this group.  Let me explain.

In this local group there are monthly contests.  I began entering because the feedback is good and it helps you improve not just by receiving feedback on your images but by listening to the feedback on the others.  There are fourteen categories to enter each month and you win ribbons based on your score and ranking, the judging process is rather complicated in the beginning but once you get the hang of it there is no confusion.  Again I enter for the feedback, but there is a large prize if you win 10 blue ribbons in individual categories.  Now I currently have 8 categories covered, but I normally enter in the same 7 categories.  So now that I am so close I want the big prize.  I need two blue ribbons in any two of the following categories, Creative, Still Life, Nature and Wildlife, Commercial or Portraiture.  

So I do not do portraiture as this category is set up so that is out.  I tried a bunch of infrared because I think that is what I will do for creative and now I am just working on Still Live, Nature or Commercial.  Today was Still Life.  I had a couple of different setups and for my first attempt they are not bad, but they are certainly not ready for the contest.  I will work on these more and see what happens.

I will continue to challenge myself and keep trying different things.  I will eventually get those remaining two blue ribbons.  I will push myself out of my comfort zone and it will help me be a better photographer.  My two best still life images are here for you to see and let me know what you think.

Be Fearless