KISS Night Las Vegas

Every year in Las Vegas there is a charity event called Kiss night in Las Vegas. It is put on by various musicians in order to support music in schools. This is a very worthwhile program and the night is entertaining sealed with Kiss music.


I will be the first to admit I am NOT a Kiss fan. I never have been but I can respect and admire this event. Huge crowds are in attendance and the venue is at capacity shortly after doors open. There is a donation at the door that benefits the charity and a raffle with some amazing prizes including guitars and autographed merchandise.


This is my first year attending this event and I had the opportunity to take some photographs. Well it's always a challenge to the crowd it was definitely something worthwhile and something I will do again hopefully. The wide variety of local and national musicians and the crowd make it an exciting evening. I heard people saying that they look forward to this event all year and they are sad after it is passed because they know they must wait until next year to see it again. This was the fourth year that they have done this and if the crowds and the attendants were any indication it is sure to continue for quite a long time. People traveled from out of state to attend the event overall I would say Kiss nite in Las Vegas was a huge success.