Types of Photography

When people find out you are a photographer they presume you can, or want to shoot everything. While as a photographer you have your passions there is nothing wrong with shooting other things as well to support your passions. You just need to pick things you enjoy. I for one don't photograph children or newborns. It is just not my thing and it is not something I enjoy. So choose carefully because people will approach you with requests.

Recently an acquaintance was brought to me because they needed a wedding photographer. They said they were looking for someone who wouldn't gouge them and charge $800 for four hours. Needless to say I saw this and immediately said I wasn't interested. People don't understand that it is not the four hours of the wedding it's also the travel and then the time to review and edit the photos. Whoever quoted them $800 they should have jumped at because that's an amazing deal.

People also don't understand print costs. They don't realize that one large print costs me around $25, my cost. This is just. Because they don't know or understand.

So when you are deciding what work to take you need to consider these things. Take jobs where you can do quality work to support your passions but remember it is a business. You cannot back down from your beliefs or pricing. You will get all sorts of comments, many negative and you will ha e friends that just don't understand but you need to hold true to yourself and not let this shake you.

Be Fearless