Conference Wrap-up

I am sitting here waiting for the last session to start and I thought I would recapsome of my favorite stuff.

The sessions were very good. I often found myself wanting to take multiple at the same time. I tried to balance it out. I took classes on editing, travel photography, wildlife and flash to name a few. 

The portfolio review was great. And a sensor cleaning too.

As for products I wish there were more but I saw some I was very impressed with.

Epson printers wow. I was so impressed that you could get a printer of this quality for this price.

MagMod these were a total surprise. I hadn't heard of them at all. They are magnetic diffusers for your speedlight. Needless to say I was impressed and I bought some. 

i got to see the Palette Gear in person and it didn't disappoint. I am looking forward to trying this more.

Overall a good show. 

Be Fearless