So Many Opinions

I am a firm believer in mentors and seeking others opinions, but it is horrible when they seem to contradict each other.  As I have discussed my website is always a work in progress.  Recently a photographer I admire offered to review my website.  He had good things to say.  I then watched a website critique on the internet which made me question what I had done.  Since I was thoroughly confused I sought opinions from a photography group and kept getting different opinions.  When I thought I was just about to give up someone said one simple phrase to me, "TRUST YOURSELF."  There it was, so simple and yet I got lost in everything.  Once I saw that I just relaxed.  I realized everyone is going to have a different opinion and you are never going to please everyone.  That isn't earth shattering, I knew that, but I got so wrapped up in the different opinions I lost sight of it for a moment.  

It is easy to spin out of control and get wrapped up in these things, but we need to just know our goals and ensure we are happy with the product we are putting out.  Unless everyone starts telling me the same thing I am not going to worry about differing opinions.  I will keep this in perspective.

Be Fearless