Dream Photo Shoot

Today is big game Sunday it is the pinnacle event for the athletes playing in the game but it's also a big deal for photographers to get to shoot if you are a sports photographer this has led me to think more about what my dream events would be to photograph.   As a music and travel photographer these are varied.  I'd love to be able to photograph the Download Festival or the Sonisphere Festival.  That might not seem like a big goal but to me it would be one of my greatest wishes.  

Other music things are hard. Would I want to tour? Are there certain artists? I don't know.  I think it is more simple then that. I want to be able to shoot and pursue opportunities. 

As for travel photography that is hard too. Most of the places I would like to go aren't outrageous.  I'd love to shoot Ireland and French Castles.  I want to take road trips across the USA and stop at random places wherever I see something interesting.  I have booked 2 domestic photography trips for this year. I don't think I will get international this year but it is on my list. 

These athletes never gave up so it is important that we not give up as well. Take every opportunity that comes your way. Live life living. 

Be Fearless.