Three Songs and Out

When you shoot concerts you typically get three songs and that is it.  Occasionally I see other photographers sneaking shots after the three songs but I never do that because I respect the fact that I got the access to shoot the show and I do not want to bend the rules.  Usually I am fine with three songs and out but on certain nights I wish that rule wasn't in effect.

This happened to me recently shooting the band letLive who was opening for Killswitch Engage and Rise Against.  The front man of this band was so dynamic and absolutely everywhere from the crowd to climbing the stage I wish I could have shot more of him.  His constant movement made it a challenging shoot but it was a performance I will remember for a long time to come.  

letLive was the first band of the night and the crowd was still very good sized. Those who saw this band really got a great show.  I got shots I like during the three songs, but I will still wish I could have shot more just to capture these moments.  Oh well no matter what it was an excellent show to shoot and a band I definitely recommend checking out.

Be Fearless