Lack of Professionalism is Rampant

Over the past two weeks there has been a lot of unprofessional behavior in the photography community in my area.  These professional and amateur photographers are amazing me in what they are doing.  These insults range from inappropriate use of photos that were taken and seeming to think this is OK because they didn't charge to shoot to calling out other photographers and artists in the social media realm.  Let's start with social media.  That stuff is out there forever even if you delete it.  If you have an issue with someone take it up with them.  

I operate in the trying not to ever say anything bad about someone to anyone or in any public measure.  

Another recent example came from an amateur photographer who believes themselves to be professional.  Their photos really are sub-par and when this was pointed out by the subjects themselves they became very defensive and just kept stating their work was great.  It really isn't, but the bigger point it that is the subject or subjects of the photos in this case don't feel the work is good then the work isn't good.  If they ask you to take the photos off social media and to not include them you have to and you have to be polite about it.

Some artists feel they are being used when you take their photo without their permission.  As the photographer you have to be aware of this and where you use the photograph.

All of this boils down to professionalism and social medias influence on this.  Would you ever argue in person with a paying client or boss?  Probably not, but yet people feel this is ok to do on social media. Fine you deleted the post, but how many people saw it first and your whole back and forth exchange.  Reputations are fragile and can be damaged in a heartbeat.  People hold grudges and as photographers we have to be granted permission to do what we want to do in many places so we need to try not to damage our reputations.

Be Fearless.