Overly Critical

I am sitting here on the eve of my portfolio review and I am second guessing myself and all the images in it.  I know the reviewers are notoriously tough and at the same time I accept the critique so I can improve, but I am overly critical myself.  Is this just to prepare myself if the review is harsh so I don't feel so broken down.  On the flip side will this boost my confidence if they say positive things?  I am realistic.  I know it is not going to be all positive.  That is not what we all signed up for.  We want the critique, we want the opinions, this is how we improve.  Social media is great, but I can put images out on photography sites and people just say they are all great.  That doesn't help and they tell people with poor images that those are great as well so that doesn't help.

I am going with my music portfolio which is a little concerning.  The photographers don't like to see mixed portfolios, they feel you should focus on being great at one thing and then shoot others.  So I had to choose my travel or my music portfolio.  My music portfolio is a stronger portfolio and it is what I shoot most, but this is not a genre that people are very familiar with.  For example I put these images out to some of the photography sites and people try to apply typical "rules" to these images which do not fit.  No matter what I am sure to get some feedback that I can build upon.

Be Fearless