Music Expresses that Which Cannot be Put Into Words and that Which Cannot Remain Silent - Victor Hugo

The above quote I came across recently and has been so true to me.  This is even more prevalent to me right now.  As usual I have been attending a lot of shows and I have been moved by how different singers takes on certain song change the atmosphere and the feeling from the song.  One of the things I love about live music is the total randomness of it.  You can see the same tour multiple nights in a row and it is never the same.  I know that is not always the case.  There was a band I saw over a dozen times over years and the lead singer had a scripted speech plugged into a spot on the set list.  That is not what I am talking about.  The raw emotion and spontaneity of the show normally is one of the things that draws me in.  If I can quote what is said next that is not true.  Music is a living thing to me. It changes moment to moment based on the crowd, the city and a variety of other things.  

As a photographer I personally feed off of this energy and spontaneity.  It makes me want to capture this the best I can.  I want to be able to give that show, that song and that energy the respect it deserves.  

Many people don't like the "ugly face" photos. I love them because this is the moment this is the emotion the artist was feeling at the time.  I am so disappointed in artists who eat the mike or keep turning away all night because what you are left with is limited.  There are already so many challenges including dealing with the lighting and the distracting objects in the shot that I don't need a microphone dominating the shot, but if that is the singers style that is what I want to capture.  I love getting those random moments though.  Those are the shots when I see what I have captured take my breath away.  Those are the shots I connect most with and it seems the artists do as well.  

I will keep shooting and capturing this emotion the best I can because to me it is a rush and when I look at the shot it brings everything back to life for me.


Be Fearless.