Broke 2 of My Own Rules Recently

I was inspired to write another post this week because I broke 2 of my own rules.

1. Always have your camera ready

2. Don't take criticism to hard

Seems like since they are my rules and I have written about them I should be able to follow them, but this is not always the case.

The first rule I broke this past weekend.  I put my camera away ten minutes before the end of the show and in doing so I missed some shots that had the potential to be amazing.  Since I was just shooting for myself this is not a problem but it was an important reminder.  Take every minute you have to shoot and always be ready you never know when the shot might present itself, though simply watching those last ten minutes was enjoyable.

As for rule 2.  That is hard.  This is my work.  I put it out there because I love it, but I understand not everyone will.  I recently received a criticism that had me all concerned.  I was actually obsessed about correcting it and I tried everything in my software to fix this perceived flaw, but it just looked odd and altered.  In this case it wasn't the criticism that bothered me but I was concerned if the subject saw it that way as well and I did not want to offend them.  After obsessing about this and trying different things I realized this is what is real and that is what I am trying to capture so to forget about the criticism and if the individual had an issue with it I am sure they will tell me since they aren't the kind of person to keep their thoughts to themselves.  Once I realized that I was able to move on and enjoy the work for what it was.

So these were two important reminders for me.  I will work to remember these each day.  I will always have my camera ready and while I always appreciate constructive criticism I am not going to work about what people think.  

Be Fearless