"Music is the Greatest form of Magic"

I read this quote recently and it really hit home.  As I have written there is nothing more powerful to me then music.  The right playlist makes the tasks go faster, the right song brings a smile to your face and of course live music has it's own range of emotions.  

I read a poll once that said the place people sing out loud the most is in their car.  I believe it. Who doesn't love great music while driving.  We all have been caught in horrible traffic and passed the time with out favorite songs.  And don't forget that complete feeling of joy when your favorite song randomly comes on the radio.  

Music is constantly on for me.  Sometimes it is a playlist but often it is just random.  That random can drive me crazy though playing songs I don't want to hear which is funny since I put them on my iPod.  I consider myself fairly obsessed with music.  I still prefer to buy the actual CD but I will put the CD on my iPod so I can have it with me at all times.  In my car I have 20 channels of regular radio, 20 channels of satellite, CDs and my iPod at all times.  My iPod travels with me into work, on a plane, the gym and any place else.  Music is with me.

Live music is another major foundation of my life.  I recently read a post from a musician about people who spend the entire show taking photos and videos and how they are missing it.  I never really thought of it that way.  I use to take cell phone photos all the time.  Now I only photograph a show if I am there with my camera to do that.  Other shows that I am just there to purely enjoy I don't take a single photo.  I made that change not consciously and long before this musicians post but I really thought they were right.  You need to step back and just enjoy music for all that it is and all that it gives you.  Enjoy the emotion and the connections to the songs.

Be Fearless