What Happens When an Artist Selects your Favorite Images

I take all these music shots and have been using them in a variety of places.  Recently I have expanded this and the shots are out there more and more frequently which is amazing in itself.  I like all the final images I put out there, but there are always favorites.  

I was recently so excited to have an artist select one of my favorite images as one of their's as well.  Each image is subject to personal taste and there are a lot of them so it was very interesting when my favorite image was their's as well.

It is amazing to have my images out there and to have them receive the responses they are.  I have commented before that for most of the general community my travel shots seem to be more popular, but for me the music shots are where I have the most passion.  I love my travel shots too, but music is my first choice always.

Recently in addition to shooting live music I have been shooting wildlife which has been amazing. I love the shots I get in these settings.

At this point I have found my passion and I will continue to work with these three genres.  I have some trips planned to take travel and wildlife photos and the concerts are always available in a city like Las Vegas.

I look forward to seeing what comes next.

Be Fearless.