A Week of New Things

This photography week started off roughly.  I went to shoot a concert but the lighting guy must have been taking a nap.  Okay in his defense it wasn't all his problem some of the lights were broken.  It was obvious very early on that the stage was too dark or red to be able to get any quality photos.  So I was not very optimistic for the rest of the time, but I was surprised.

I went on a sunset and evening shoot with a few people and I was amazed at the results.  I brought a variety of lenses and was able to get some long exposures that I was really happy with.  This was a new genre for me.

Keeping with that trend I ordered my first metal print this week and I was thrilled with the results.  I have to give thanks to my local print shop for this.  Yes, there are online outlets, but if you can develop a relationship with the local I find it extremely beneficial (see my earlier post on camera gear).

I also went to my local shop and left that store inspired.  

Over the week what started out looking fairly gloomy turned out to be great and inspirational.  I love when I can find those bits that excite me.

Be Fearless