My Favorite Blogs

I try to keep my blog on point between photography and music, but I have recently been thinking about what blogs I really like.

I do enjoy a few different photography blogs which I like mostly for the educational content, but my favorite blog is from a musician.  I love the way he writes about what is going on career wise but also incorporates his daily mundane life into it.  I am one of those people who finds these little mundane details interesting, not because I really care about these peoples favorite television shows, but because I am interested in how they meld into one post and really give you insight into that person.  

This particular blog manages to share some information without getting bogged down in some of the stupid information sharing that seems to plague other celebrities.  While this information is shared it still manages to keep many aspects of their life private which I think it a challenging balance but one that needs to be achieved.

Why is this relevant to me?  When I sit down to share someone on my blog, Facebook or Twitter I was always thinking first "how is this going to effect peoples perception of me." I would think if I post about my non music photography would that make bands less likely to work with me?  As I focused in on the blogs I like I realized that a major part of what I liked about these were the work and personal balance.  So I decided I am going to stop questioning myself before posting. I need to post what I feel.

That decision is freedom.  

I am writing this as I try to get ready for my trip.  Typical to myself I have committed to too many things to do right before I left including a concert and a charity event.  This would be more manageable if I was not stuck with a broken laundry machine and I am needing to send my clothes out.  This couldn't come at a worse time, but it will be all good.

So I am going to go to this charity event tonight and then tomorrow I will finish getting ready for my trip.  I will have tons to photograph and everything will work out and when I return I will continue trying to get my laundry fixed.

Please watch for the new upcoming travel images.

Be Fearless