This is what happens when an animal walks across your keyboard when you are working.  When I sit down is the cue for them to come running, because yes I do need their help when I am working. 

So I have been away for a little bit.  I took my trip.  It was very successful I shot over 500 images and was able to make some connections and even squeeze in some fun.  This trip I focused on shooting a variety of things and places, but really tried pushing myself out of my comfort zone.  For my music shots I primarily shot rock music, but on this trip I focused on the jazz and blues performers.  For other areas I tried to shoot the small details.  This provided me with some unique images, I did get some of the larger expected images too.

I have been processing these through, but I have been so extremely busy since my return.  I will continue to work on these and those I really like will make this website as well as others and many other shots will be on my business Facebook page.  

Since I have returned my focus has gone back to the music.  I will continue to balance that.  I recently watched an interview with the photographer Von Wong and it inspired me.  I was amazed to hear that he began shooting with a point and shoot purchased at Walmart in 2007.  When you look at where he is with his photography with no formal training and in a relatively short period of time it is hard not to be inspired.  His style is completely different from mine, but his work is impressive.  0999999999999999 (yes that last bit is courtesy of the cat, but why not leave it in.  That is the mood I'm in.)

I wrote a little while back about self promotion and social media and that continues to be a common trend with everyone I speak to.  Again it continues to be a love hate relationship but that is the way of it.  Don't complain just carve out the time and take care of it.

As for me I am back into heavy shooting mode, but I am taking a rare night off to go to a concert as a fan and not shooting.  We will see how this goes.  Don't get me wrong as a huge music fan I am excited to see the show.  I just always still find myself in "work" mode.  I watch every aspect of the show now and thing about how I would shoot it.  I am working on turning that off more so I can just sit back and enjoy, but no matter what it will be fun.  

After this little break I have some more shoots lined up and I need to get my images in for the next contest.  I am changing my entries I think.  I had been staying away from entering concert shots, because I was not sure how they would go over with the judges, but to date they have really felt those shots so I think I may enter them.  To me that just goes to emphasize that you have to shoot what you love.  

More shots and updates coming shortly.

Be Fearless.