Self Promotion and a Thick Skin

You can't be faint of heart in this business and especially in the music photography genre.  There will be a lot of frustration and you just have to take it in stride and keep moving forward.  I keep reminding myself of this.

Currently I am working on broadening my reach and seeking quality national publications to submit my photos too.  Looking for these publications can often feel like a treasure hunt.  You need to find the right publication for the show you want to shoot and then you have to get the the right person.  Most times this contact information is closely guarded.

When you do make contact brace yourself.  You may receive a response or you may not.  I am still surprised when I reach out to a band to see if they would be interested in using some of the photographs I have taken of them on their social media for free that I do not receive a response. You can't take this personally, that's what I keep telling myself.  On the flip side I have worked with some promoters who respond within the same day.  

So far I have good feedback on my portfolio but I seek to continue to grow this.  I will be shooting 2 additional shows this week and I know I will have some shots from those that I can use.  Until then I will keep going with the portfolio that I currently have.  

I will speak to everyone I possibly can.  The local connections are easier, and the national ones are coming.  Until then.....

Be Fearless