Continuing Planning

Last time I wrote about planning for my trip.  That is done and I am now ready to grow.  I realized I do one other form of planning or research on a weekly basis in regards to my live photography.

Sure on occasions I have shot a concert without any knowledge of the band but that is not my preferred method.  For some local bands I attended shows without my camera just to see what the light cues might be and some of the actions of the band.  I have found this makes me able to anticipate when there might be a good shot coming up.

Tonight I am watching YouTube videos of some national artists I am hoping to shoot when they perform here next month.  Sure this is earlier than I would normally do this, but I have less then 2 weeks after I return from my trip so I am doing this research now.  When you only get 3 shows to shoot and you are rotating for space in the pit this makes it easier for me.  It also helps since I am not tall and I need to have an idea where I might get the shot.

Many of my local shoots I have tried to prepare for this by shooting from difficult angles or focusing on certain members of the band.  This I feel allows me to work with my available shots from wherever I am in the pit.

My height might also be the reason I prefer my zoom lens to the wide angle when shooting concerts.  I can use this lens and get a tight shot even if someone is in my space.  

Do I like my shots better when I do my research?  I can't say that.  One of the best shots I took was taken with no research and being completely unfamiliar with the artist.  Research isn't always practical but when I can I will do some.

Be Fearless!