Preparing for the Photography Contest

I am getting ready for this months photography contest on Friday and I am working on keeping my perspective.  Last month I entered what had been reviewed by others as a very solid shot in the monthly theme of reflections.  The photo was taken in a light box so the background was completely black and it consisted of a twisted ribbon of glass sitting on a mirror.  The glass virtually glowed.  The image is located in the my favorites section of my website The Orb.

I am not saying this is an amazing photography, but I tried many different objects and approaches to get the reflection right.

The contest comes and the master photographer who was selected to judge my image stated I missed the concept of reflection because he felt this was a twisted piece of wire.  I was so angry.  I understand people not loving photos but to completely miss what the image was and wrongly announce that to a group of almost 100 people without my being allowed to correct the misconception was what made me mad.

I thought about speaking to him after, not to confront him, only to ask how I could have conveyed what this object was better.  I decided not to.

This month I have printed up 4 images despite only entering 2.   While I was processing some other images I recently took, I realized my style tends to be very heavy on the contrast and this does not seem to resonate with these judges.  This gave me perspective. I will continue entering pieces because I hope to receive some constructive feedback, but I have also learned that my style just doesn't fit with what they like.  This makes sense.  I sit at these contests and see images they really like and many times I do not agree.  I  have had success winning several first place ribbons at these contests, but usually it is on images I do not think they will like.  Pretty much the judges do the exact opposite of what I like.  If I love the image they are very critical of it and the reverse as well.  So should I use this to select my images for competition?  I don't think so.  I will continue to enter what I like and like this month I am entering in categories I don't normally enter to get feedback to improve.  This is good for my growth, but if they mistake my butterfly for a moth this month I don't think I will be able to hold back with my comments.  Just kidding.

Be Fearless.