10 Shows in 24 Days the Recap

Saturday night I wrapped up the 10 shows in 24 days.  This actually turned into 12 shows in 24 days with multiple last Saturday because I had the opportunity to photograph a local radio station event.  Was this exhausting?  At times but it was more than worth it on every level.  I got some amazing shots and was able to photograph a variety of artists and settings from outdoor festivals, small clubs and large showrooms.  Each presented unique opportunities.    

I've said it before I am just amazed at how this all falls together the photography and the music.  I don't think I will ever stop being amazed at that.

These various venues also allowed me the opportunity to see a variety of photographers in action.  I am continuously amazed by what some people think is OK.  From the professional at the club show blinding everyone with a big direct flash to the amateur who felt it was OK to walk up on the stage to try to get close up shots of the drummer and lastly the radio station intern who had a camera thrown at her that she had no idea how to use.  I felt bad for her.  Now I am not picking on these people, photography is an art and in that light subject to each individual but I just keep thinking back to the musician who recently said they want the photographers to be inconspicuous.  These people were not.  This artist also said for him this is part of the reason for the 3 song rule for photographers because he does not want to be distracted from the fans.  A good point.

As for me of these shows I am a fan of some of them, but some shows I photographed I was not a fan of.  One of the bands, no I won't say who, went against everything I stand for in music and used a drum machine.  Does that mean I won't photograph it or cannot get good shots? No I got some great shots and even tried to photograph the offensive (to me) drum machine.  Now those shots didn't work, the reason, there was nothing dynamic about a man at a drum machine with one drumstick.  They just didn't work.  Others from the band worked well and those are the ones I will use.

As a photographer you have your areas that interest you.  For me it is music, travel and animals. Someone recently told me I won't make any money doing travel photography.  I feel that photographer has it wrong.  Yes is it nice and the ultimate goal to make money from your photography, sure, but sometimes doing one thing allows you the opportunity to do another.  If shooting other areas allows me the opportunity to shoot live music I'll take it.  Like music it is not all about the money.  

So that run of shows wound down and I already have my schedule for the next few weeks.  Many of these are bands I want to see but I will not pass up the opportunity to shoot any musical event that comes my way.  If I am available I am going to shoot it and I will only continue from there.  

I am currently updating my portfolio to include many more images.  Recently since my focus has been on music they will likely be in that genre, but I plan on shooting some more travel very shortly.

Be fearless.