Music, Music and More Music

In my quest to merge my two artistic passions I am embarking on shooting live music as much as possible.  Since I play no instruments and can't sing a note photography allows me to experience music in a whole new light.

Lucky for me I live in a place where there is a variety of live music every night of the week and for most you are only limited by your own time constraints.  Last week I sat down and figured out what I could see over the next few weeks.  I plotted and planned and lucky for me about 85% of these shows coincided with a day off; so I made my schedule 10 show in 24 days, ambitious sure but I am confident I can do it.

Last weekend I began lightly with 2 shows.  1 Thursday and 1 Friday.  I was amazed, as long as the days and as late nights these were I was energized.  This was what I wanted to be doing.  I did not take a ton of shots at these shows.  I really wanted to see the locations, check out the best spots and any issues with lighting and assorted stage set up since I was going to be shooting at these locations in the coming days. 2 shows out of 10 in 24 days down.

This weekend I hit 3 shows, 2 at the same locations I was at last weekend and a third at another location I am very familiar with.  I have spent this week preparing and I know what I hope to accomplish at these shows.  This should be great and when it is done I will have completed 5 shows in 10 days.

By the end of this project I will have some new exciting images to share and hopefully I will have heard back from the national tours I requested a photo pass from.  

I recently watched an interview with a musician who spoke very elegantly and emotionally about the interaction between photography and the music.  It was amazing to listen to a musician speak from their perspective.  I think these two things go together so well because both are open to interpretation and evoke feeling.  I now find myself in the unique position of being a fan of the music and a photographer.  I watch the show in awe of the show itself, but I also now find myself thinking about what elements of the performance make a dynamic image.  

I look forward to seeing what I develop over these next shows.