Two Full Time Jobs

I am sitting here on my short work week planning my photo shoots for the weekend.  It's these times that make me very grateful for my somewhat unusual work schedule which allows me to have a long weekend every other week.  Yes I have a traditional full time job and when I add photography into my life it often feels like I have two full time jobs and I am not complaining.  It is amazing what I can accomplish.

Just this week alone I managed to rework my computer system so that it is more functional for the photograph processing.  This included getting my backup system fully in place and upgrading my file transfer system which will allow me to save large amounts of time.  In addition to this I did my usual; reading some materials, watching a tutorial and watched an amazing interview with a young photographer that was inspiring.  I also continued shooting my series of reflections for this months photography group.

Busy, sure but I don't mind.

So I sit here and try to think about what to shoot this weekend.  I have a charity event tonight at one of my favorite places to shoot.  Do I bring my camera or not?  I could get some great evening shots of people interacting and the lions, but maybe I just enjoy.  Same goes for tomorrow night.  I am able to go see one of my favorite bands, do I just go or do I shoot the event.  Either way these are not the only shoots I am planning for the weekend.  With the long weekend I do have one or two other places I plan on shooting but we will see.  I really could shoot all four of these events and be perfectly happy and excited to do so, but for events like tonight is it fair to the people I will be with.  Thankfully I understand boundaries and appropriateness and for both these events I am likely to have my camera in my bag.  If the opportunity comes to take a great shot I will otherwise the camera will stay in my bag and will be used later in the weekend.

So yes it often feels like two full time jobs and I am grateful for my long weekends despite those often being completely booked with fun, photography and general life things that need to be done.  No matter how busy I enjoy it all.