Keep Evolving

I was recently asked if I have separate social medial accounts for both personal and professional issues.  My answer is yes.  I understand that I am my brand, but I like to keep these separate. Sure most of what I post on my business Facebook ends up on my personal page, but I like to have my personal page for those mindless little things that are available on Facebook.

Having 2 separate accounts does end up adding work to my life and yes sometimes it feels like it is two separate lives  but this is what works best for me.  At least at this time.  I recently just added a business Instagram because I am not thrilled with the way that photos appear on Instagram, but that is something I can work with.  Nothing is ever final.  Like my website, always a work in progress.  I just made some changes which I like a lot better, but I have issues with the way the site shows on mobile platforms and recent conversions with support do not indicate this will change, but I will wait and see.

You can't leave things be, you need to add to things and change websites and portfolios.  

Be Fearless