Not Working? Put it Down and Walk Away

I normally only take 5-10 minutes to process a photo and that works for me.  Today I have spent hours working on an image and at times I like it and others I don't. Then I put it out for some online review despite being told by people not to do this and the reviews are all over the place and just don't help.

I really want this photo to work, but I just can't seem to get it.  I like the light since it was just rising, but the feedback has been that the fact that it's only on a portion of the building it looks artificial.  It is not. Basically this was shot in simple explanation, I was on a levy and both the sun and the cathedral were below me on opposite sides.

So now I am putting it down and realizing it may never work or I need to just be happy with it and ignore the criticism.

Be Fearless.