I have a few vintage cameras that range in age from 1938 to 1956 these are all in various states of working condition but are mostly decoration. I just recently acquired a 1964 Nikon camera fully functional. I'm very excited about this camera.


One of the reasons I like vintage cameras is I like thinking about what these cameras might have seen. What this camera could have seen in 1965 alone is amazing from the civil rights movement to the first US troops into Vietnam or even the Beatles. I know in reality most of these cameras never saw anything but the fact that there's that possibility is what keeps me intrigued and inspired.


I'm not sure that I will ever actually even shoot with this camera but its sitting in my office along with the other ones serves to inspire me to keep doing what I love and to continue shooting and pursuing my passion. For that reason these cameras are priceless to me.  The possibilities are endless and I hope they continue to be.


Be Fearless.