Rambling Along

Sometimes I feel like a good ramble but I have realized that what seems like rambling to others really is my way of talking a situation out.  With that said this blog has taken a drastic turn from where it started.

I originally started to write about my observations when watching other photographers at club shows.  I recently saw one that was so different to me that I had to stop and ask the people I was with if I looked like that when I was shooting.  The photographer I believe was trying to be stealth but really was just attracting more attention to themselves than necessary.  Many of us found ourselves watching him rather than the band.  This was a distraction and completely un-necessary which left me thinking what was he trying to accomplish.  

I have been thinking a lot about what people are trying to accomplish lately.  I have been trying to deal with a computer software issue lately that the company seems to think they can tweet me to fix it.  I am fairly certain a software issue that has taken 2 weeks of time on and off to fix cannot be done 140 characters at a time.  What were they thinking? What are they trying to accomplish?

So what is the purpose of this ramble?  There is one, at least to me I promise.  

I have been working on my business and people have expressed a variety of comments from my website layout, portfolio, pricing and most other aspects of the business.  I also recently have displayed some work and while many people enjoy the images they are just not the "thing" for others.  This goes from my photography of bands to photos of my cats.  I can watch my followers fluctuate based on the subject matter I post.  So the point?  The question I hear and sometimes get asked outright is "What were you thinking and what are you trying to accomplish?"  Coincidence?

Be Fearless