Easy or Less Expensive

I have been working on a photography project,  it is a personal project and I have a few options for companies to do the final production. I have been torn trying to decide who to use. The quality is equal on the two companies.  The one company is easier to use and the other is cheaper. While I would like to save money I had to remind myself that my time is worth money and so is saving myself excess frustration.  So I decided to go with the easy.

This led me to think about a challenge we often face with clients.  I recently quoted a job. Basically I quoted 3 hours of work. 1 hour for shooting time and two hours for travel, preparation and post processing.  I told the potential client my price and they declined. I was reminded that clients don't realize there is more to a photography job than just taking photos. They are not wrong they just don't know.  It is their version of easy or inexpensive. I will remember this and not get offended. 

Be Fearless