I'm an avid photographer based in Las Vegas I enjoy shooting a variety of things but my primary focus is Travel, Music, Nature and Wildlife.

My goal through my projects including Music, Event and Animal photography is to capture the candid moments that tell the story. They are singular moment of time, my goal is to take the viewer back to that point and the memories.  I discovered photography is my passion. This allows me to incorporate my long standing love of music and travel into this art form.  For me live music and concerts are who I am, and concerts and travel often went hand in hand. Now photography has brought these all together for me in a new and exciting way.

I currently shoot for MonkeyGoose Magazine and ZRock'R Magazine primarily.  I have also shot for other publications including the Alternative Press and various bands.  I have experience working in a variety of venues both big and small.

I am a self taught photographer, through my website and social media I share my photography experiences with my readers. This allows me to grow and provides me with a way to document this journey. I look forward to continuing to develop my skills and travelling to capture the world.